It takes a village to raise our children

The collective efforts and generosity of our community have been invaluable to BCC over the years.

Thank you all for making a difference!


Allan Financial

Allan Financial is a long term supporter of the Gail Taylor Bursary Fund offering tuition for families who could otherwise not attend preschool. And also supports the fundraising efforts at the annual Wild Child party

Bowen Island Building Centre

The Bowen Building Centre donates yearly to the Gail Taylor Bursary Fund and applies for matching funds.

Bowen Island Community Foundation

The Bowen Island Community Foundation funds various initiatives, including, in 2016, the new Toddler Wing with a generous grant of $10,000.

Bowen Island Municipality

The Municipality of Bowen Island has always supported BCC, awarding Family Place a yearly grant to help cover operational expenses.

Digitally Hip

Digitally Hip is a long-time supporter of BCC, offering computer services expertise!
“Dependable. Honourable. Creative.” is their slogan and it’s true.

Knick Knack Nook

The Knick Knack Nook supports various projects and donates funding from auctions to BCC programming.

Nicolette McIntosh

Nicolette Macintosh donated the Nicolette Macintosh Bursary, which provides scholarships for BCC employees who wish to pursue further study in the arts in connection with their work with children at BCC.

Smooth Stones Foundation

Smooth Stones Foundation is a long-time supporter of all BCC programs, providing yearly funding to support all our work

Stongs Market

Stong’s Market donates yearly a percentage of food bought on Bowen to both Family Place and Bowen Children’s Centre’s other programs


Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch

The Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch supports the BCC through gaming funds.

Ministry of Children and Family Development

The Ministry of Children and Family Development supports BCC through the Child Care Operating Funding program. MCFD also supports Family Place through yearly operating funding.

United Way of the Lower Mainland

The United Way of the Lower Mainland supports the BCC by enabling people to target their United Way donations to the BCC.

Bowen's Early Childhood Development Table

Bowen’s ECD Table is a partnership that enables all the key organizations, educators and caregivers working with Bowen Island children from birth through 12 years of age to work and plan together. For more information on this exciting new partnership, please see our ECD Table blog article.

The Partners—all volunteers!

  • Bowen Children’s Centre: Board member Caroline Parker and all program staff
  • Bowen Island Community School: including the Principal Scott Slater and Community School Coordinator, Sarah Haxby
  • Bowen Island Family Place: Lesley Gaunt, Tracy McLachlan
  • Bowen Island Kinderhaus: owner/operator, Elisabeth Mueller
  • Bowen Island Library: Sue Geist and Tina Nielsen
  • Bowen Island Montessori: Helen Davenport
  • Bowen Island Municipality: represented by Councillors Gary Anders and Melanie Mason;
  • Bowen Island Community Recreation: Shauna Jennings and Natasha Currah
  • The Caring Circle: Colleen O’Neill and Tamara Soloway
  • Monica’s Kid Program: owner/operator, Monica Senn
  • Speech and Language Pathologist: Teri Shea
  • Vancouver Coastal Health’s Early Years nurse for Bowen: Andrea Firth
  • West Vancouver Early Learning Principal: Sandralynn Shortall
Bowen Island Building Centre

The Bowen Building Center co-sponsors Hot Dogs and Hammers, a free program for families and children and they are supportive sponsors of BCC initiatives for families with young children.

Bowen Island Community Recreation

BCC and Bowen Island Community Recreation partner in many ways—applying for and administering community grants, working together to run programs for children 3 – 12, and managing Family Play Night to name a few—we share the load!

Bowen Island Community School

The Bowen Island Community School, including the Community School Association and the Parents Advisory Council, work with BCC to support childhood learning on Bowen Island.

Bowen Island Municipality

BCC and the Municipality of Bowen Island are long time partners. The Bowen Island Municipality supports all our endeavours, from participation in the Bowen Early Childhood Development Table, to working together to promote the latest in early childhood knowledge and information for families, to supporting Family Place financially.

Bowen Literacy Task Force

The Bowen Literacy Task Force is a partnership of the following organizations whose mandate is to promote literacy on Bowen to all ages:

Connect For Kids

Connect for Kids offers information, planning support and community awareness to meet the needs of children from birth through 12 years of age on the North Shore, including Bowen Island. Bowen Island is represented at this table by the Bowen Children’s Centre and the Bowen Island Municipality.

Fabulous Finds

Fabulous Finds is a consignment clothing store that helps support the BCC annual Clothing Sale.

The Snug Cafe

The Snug, a Bowen restaurant has been supplying Family Place with coffee for 10 years!

Bowen Children’s Centre was built by volunteers who believed in supporting early childhood development and is still managed by a volunteer board that depends heavily on volunteer members and community partners. If you’re interested in volunteer opportunities, please contact the Executive Director, Ann Silberman, at 604.947.9626.

Employment & Internship

If you’re hard-working, responsible, gentle, play well with others, possess a good sense of humour, enjoy the company of small children, and have sound knowledge of early childhood development, we’d like to know you.

We’re always looking for substitutes to fill in when a staff member is away. Working at the Centre as a sub is a good way to find out if we’re a good fit for each other.

For information on employment and internship opportunities, please contact the Executive Director at 604.947.9626.