In 2013, Ann Silberman, ED Bowen Children’s Centre, achieved one of her life long goals—establishing a table where all the key organizations, educators and caregivers working with children birth through 12 on Bowen Island could work and plan together. Around the same time, out of a concern for the results for Bowen’s children in wave four of the Human Early Learning Partnership’s Early Development Instrument (EDI), Lynda Phillips, PHD, Early Childhood Instructor and Bowen grandmother of two, met with Ann and Jane Kellett, West Vancouver School Trustee to discuss what to do about the vulnerabilities of Bowen’s youngest. Perfect timing—the birth of the ECD table.

Our work

Our goals simply include working together to understand each others work; to research our island and collect statistics, knowledge and information; and to educate ourselves and the public and families on the importance of early childhood education so that together we can understand its importance and offer services that meet the needs of Bowen’s families. We want to identify the gaps and decrease the vulnerabilities of Bowen’s young children through collaboration, research, and coordination of services. Now an established table, we will meet four times in 2016-17. To find out who the partners are, check out our Partners page and/or, for more information, contact Ann at