WELCOME to the Maple Room at BCC, our licensed early learning care and education program for 2 and 3 year olds. Since we started up in 1971, our childcare centre (Bowen's first), has been ever evolving and represents the best of current early childhood research. Our education philosophy is “Reggio” inspired and the emphasis is on a joyful learning experience in an unhurried day with quality time spent with every child. Our warm and skilled staff truly connect with each and every child. The Safe Spaces program is foundational to our learning environment, teaching young children empathy, emotional literacy and positive problem-solving skills.

Our capacity is presently 25 children, and up to 6 of the 25 children may be between the ages of 24 to 36 months. The minimum staff to children ratio is 1:8, and 1:4 for the toddler age group. We often staff higher than this to safeguard the quality of the program, and to reduce wear and tear on our staff. In order to enrol a toddler in the program, a variance from licensing will be required. This is to ensure that you believe your child to be ready for a group experience and to show licensing that our program can properly support your child.

This preschool aged program is well and truly loved by the community and is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm with varying fees depending on the number of enrolment days and age of the child.



We enrol children into our programs in the order in which we receive their family’s applications. However, we do reserve the right to manage the acceptance of applications so as to create group dynamics that allow the children (and staff) to have the best possible experiences.

Our 2-3 year old program registration is ongoing; parents may register their children at any time during the year, and children are accepted into the program from the waitlist as space becomes available. The waitlist is open to families as soon as you know you will be having a child. There is no fee to register for the waitlist.

Once you have a confirmed space in the program, you will be emailed a secure  link to online registration data base in order to complete our Enrolment Package.  The enrolment package includes:

  • BCC’s Enrolment Form
  • Parent’s Agreement
  • Consents and Permissions
  • Emergency Card
  • Immunization Form

Please do not forget to upload a photo of your child as this is one of our licensing requirements.

Once enrolment has been completed, you will receive an invoice for your registration fee as well as deposit.  Program fees are invoiced monthly and will come to you by email.

Should you have any questions regarding enrolment, please contact a Daycare Coordinator at daycare@bowenchildrenscentre.ca or by phone at 604-947-9628.

PLEASE NOTE: a Bowen Children’s Enrolment Package is valid for all of our programs.


Bowen Children’s Centre (BCC) is a registered non-profit society that strives to maintain the highest standards of care while keeping rates as low as possible. BCC has a limited number of spaces available each day in every program as set out in the terms of its license, which dictates strict staff to children ratios. Childcare booking options are shown below. To ask about care arrangements, please speak with the program staff at 604-947-9628 or BCC’s Executive Director at 604-947-9626.

Note that the Provincial Government's Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative (CCFRI) is reflected in the fees published below. Invoiced amounts will reflect this reduction.

There is another government initiative available to eligible families.  The AFFORDABLE CHILD CARE BENEFIT (ACCB) is available to families with  a combined income of up to $111,000 per year.  Families must apply for this benefit on their own behalf. This would further reduce monthly fees outlined below.  You can find more about the ACCB as well as the application details here

Financial Bursary

We are pleased to say that Bowen Children’s Centre is able to offer financial assistance through the Gail Taylor Bursary Fund to those for whom program fees may pose a hardship or families who have a child requiring extra support in the classroom. Please alert us to your interest by contacting the executive director directly at 604-947-9626 or info@bowenchildrenscentre.ca. Bursary information is confidential.

If you have any questions please call the office at 604-947-9626.

Children age 2 years old
5 days/week 4 days/week 3 days/week 2 days/week
Full day Regular monthly rate $ 1,180 $ 1,024 $ 768 $ 512
Rate with Fee Reduction Initiative $ 830 $ 744 $ 558 $ 372
Children age 3+ years old
5 days/week 4 days/week 3 days/week 2 days/week
Full day Regular monthly rate $ 1,120 $ 896 $ 672 $ 448
Rate with Fee Reduction Initiative $ 1,020 $ 816 $ 612 $ 408
Half day Regular monthly rate

Rate with Fee Reduction Initiative

$ 672

$ 622

$ 538

$ 498

$ 403

$ 373

$ 269

$ 249