WELCOME to the BCC Infant Toddler Program. Our program is classified as a licensed childcare centre for children from birth to three (0-3 years of age). 

Our capacity is presently eight (8) licensed full time (5 days/week) spaces. We fill those eight spaces with 2 full time children, and as many part time children that it takes to fill the other six spaces. The minimum staff to child ratio is 1-4 for the infant toddler age group. We often staff higher than this to safeguard the quality of the program, and to reduce wear and tear on our staff.

We enrol children into our programs in the order in which we receive their family’s applications. However, we do reserve the right to manage the acceptance of applications so as to create group dynamics that allow the children (and staff) to have the best possible experiences.

For our first year of operation in our new Infant Toddler Program, we will be enroling children between the ages of 12 months and 30 months.

Infant toddler registration is ongoing; families may register their children at any time during the year, and children are accepted into the program as space becomes available. The waitlist is open to families as soon as you know you will be having a child. There is no fee to register for the waitlist.

To enrol in the Infant Toddler Program, please complete the Enrolment Package, which includes:

  • BCC’s Enrolment Form
  • Parent’s Agreement
  • Consents and Permissions
  • Emergency Card
  • Immunization Form

Please print a copy of the completed registration package and return it to BCC Infant Toddler Program (650 Carter Road, Bowen Island, BC, V0N 1G2) with the appropriate fees.

Should you have any questions regarding enrolment, please contact an Infant toddler Coordinator at it@bowenchildrenscentre.ca or by phone at 604-947-9626

PLEASE NOTE: a Bowen Children’s Enrolment Package is valid for the Daycare, Infant Toddler and Preschool programs.


The BCC Infant Toddler Program accepts payment by:

  • e-transfer to accounting@bowenchildrenscentre.ca;
  • cheque or money order payable to the BCC Infant Toddler Program;
  • delivered in person;
  • mailed to Bowen Children’s Centre, 650 Carter Rd, Bowen Island, V0N 1G2.

Please make cheques payable to BCC Infant Toddler Program and be sure to add your child/ren’s name in the memo line on all forms of payment.

Each February, BCC issues receipts for the previous year’s daycare fees, which parents may use to claim the Child Care Tax Credit.