Our Staff

Ann Silberman  |  Executive Director

I hold an ECE Diploma, Montessori Diploma, Preschool Diploma and Master Level courses in Early Childhood Administration and Management. I have worked in the ECE field for over 35 years, teaching Early Childhood Educators across BC and with non-profit Boards. Working with children and families is my life’s passion. My personal goal is to foster quality in all our BCC programs by creating, with my co-workers, an atmosphere of curiosity, a sense of wonder, and environments that engage all children. My values have been shaped by nature, travel and curiosity about the human mind.

Sarah W.  | Managing Director

Being a dance artist and yoga teacher, I find that children’s natural creativity resonates deeply with me. Being with children reminds me to be present in my own body…To slow down, to explore, to truly listen and most importantly, to PLAY! I feel blessed to learn alongside each child who comes through BCC. When not dancing, doing yoga or playing with my friends at BCC, I can be found exploring the woods and beaches of Bowen with my two beautiful boys.

Shelly B. | Managing Director After School Club

I have a deep connection with the island I grew up on and have had the privilege of being a part of Bowen Island’s wonderful community. After having my daughter, it ignited my passion for educating children. This led me to work at BICS as a part-time TA/Supervision Aid and I am now excited to take on a new role at the After School Club. I’ve seen firsthand how children flourish when their curiosity is engaged through play-based learning activities and so I very much look forward to working in such an inspiring program.


Stewart P. | Supported Child Development

I have spent 40 years working with children, young adults and their families, mainly offering additional social, emotional and behavioural support. Here on Bowen I have worked with BICS, IDLC, BCC and lots of families, doing everything from one to one support, to hosting a Parent and Toddler group, aimed at men and their kids. I try to listen, even if the kid I am with is non-verbal, and sometimes I talk too much, even when the kid I am with is telling me to be quiet. Always looking for a way to "teach." Always looking for a way to learn.


Tracy McLachlan  |  Managing Director, Family Place

I have been working as an Early Childhood Educator on Bowen Island since 1999, initially in both daycare and preschool at BCC and then since 2006 as Coordinator for Family Place. I hold both an ECE Diploma and a Family Resource Program Certificate. I feel privileged to spend time with families in their early years of parenting and celebrate the individual and community strengths of families on Bowen.

Alison (Mia) G.  |  Early Learning & Care Coordinator, Saplings Room

I am a Mum of 3 big kids–I started out working in early childhood education at the age of 18. First job? Bowen Island Family Place! I have the best job in the world, spending my days with amazing children and a wonderful staff team. I too am a graduate of Bowen Island Preschool—class of ’77!


Amy P.  |  Early Learning & Care Coordinator, Maple & Saplings Rooms

I have grown up on Bowen my whole life alongside my parents and my older brother Greg. I had even attended BCC when I was a little girl! I feel so lucky to be able to work and play here alongside other educators and all the lovely children. I am currently working towards my degree in Early Childhood Education & Care at Capilano University, and I absolutely love every bit of it! I am so excited to continue on my ECE journey, to keep growing, learning, and having new experiences everyday!


Brandi S.  |  Early Learning & Care Coordinator, Maple Room

Since I was a young girl, I always had a dream of working with children. I often made up teacher games and cared for my dolls as if they were children to me. I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and always found being creative in play was essential to having fun and keeping busy. I fell in love with the idea of becoming an Au Pair through movies, I fulfilled this dream of mine moving to England for two years when I was nineteen. After returning home I realized I wanted to be helpful to others, and I worked towards getting my diploma in Professional Counselling. I have a deep love for counseling and think my skills are helpful when working in a childcare environment, which lead me to moving to Bowen in April of 2022 to work at the ASC. I am grateful BCC allowed me to travel my way through all the programs ending my journey being full time in Maple. I am pleased to have started my Early Childhood Education journey as I have received a certificate as an Early Childhood Educators Assistant. I am so lucky to have gotten to know all the children through ASC and Cedar room and look forward to seeing the creative minds of maple children grow and develop.


Caroline  S.  |  Early Learning & Care Coordinator, Saplings Room

I came to Canada in 1998 from France (Nice). My family (husband and son) moved to Bowen island in 2007. I have worked in early childhood education since 2002. I owned a family daycare in Quebec caring for children aged 12 months to 5 years old; my dedication and interest grew from there.  I obtained a Montessori preschool teacher diploma, an early childhood certificate (0 to 12 years old) in Montreal, QC., and later on my ECE in BC. I have worked in Montessori preschools since 2009, and in a Francophone preschool in downtown Vancouver, serving a very diverse population and various cultures. I am very open about the numerous approaches and expectations in education. In 2014, I received the “prize of excellence in early childhood education in BC” from The Francophone parents federation. I am very happy to join the team of BCC, and get to know children and parents.

Chelsey R. | Early Learning and Care Coordinator, Cedar Room

Having spent most of my childhood summers on the Sunshine Coast, I strongly believe in the importance of having access to nature. I'm fairly new to Bowen, but it already feels like home. I'm currently studying at Coast Mountain College, working towards my ECE diploma. I love the things I am learning and am so grateful to get to experience it all first hand. My favorite teachers though are the kids at Bowen Children's Center.

Eszter C. | Early Learning and Care Coordinator, Maple Room

I have been passionate about the Early Learning profession since I became a Psychologist and Infant-Parent Consultant. I worked with Early Childhood Educators and families for several years in licensed Daycare Centres, Nurseries and Preschools in Budapest, Hungary, before I moved to Canada in 2020.

Over those years, I have gained experience and knowledge of one of the high-quality Early Learning and Care programs and curriculums called Pikler Pedagogy. This is a widely recognized approach for parents, Infant-Toddler Educators and ECE Professionals all over Europe and North America, named after Emmi Pikler, M.D, Hungarian Pediatrician.

Since I moved to Bowen Island, I upgraded my education and became an Early Childhood Educator.
I feel lucky to have found this island and joined the wonderful community of Bowen Children’s Centre. I enjoy playing, learning and working with young children and the wonderful staff here.

Heather B. | Early Learning and Care Coordinator, Cedar Room

I moved to Canada from Portland, Oregon in 2007. While in Oregon, I earned my B.S. in Psychology and a Masters in Business. During my psychology degree I always had a major focus/interest in child development and child psychology, and so I chose to do my practicum in a birth to three facility, which is a program that provides additional assistance and early intervention to families, infants and toddlers who have developmental delays. After wrapping up my degree, I worked in a mental health facility as a residential counselor for dual diagnosis schizophrenic patients.

Time and life took me all over the place, including being a dog walker/trainer, and then, with a desire to stay home with my daughter, I started a small childcare run within my home for 5 years.

I am thrilled to be a part of BCC’s beyond stacked and amazing team with so much talent and knowledge. It has reignited my passion for child psychology and development, and I look forward to every day being unique, fun and most importantly, child led!

Isabelle H. | Early Learning and Care Coordinator, Saplings Room

After having worked in child care for many years, in many settings, preschools, group daycares, family daycares, I have landed my dream job at BCC's infant toddler program. Everyday spent with these little ones as they discover themselves, each other, and the world around them is truly a joy.

Jasmine C.  | Baby Connections Facilitator, Family Place

Bowen Island has been home to myself and my two boys since 2013. I was trained  as a childbirth educator through the Childbearing Society Apprenticeship Program and have been teaching for them since 2007.

I completed Douglas College's excellent 40hr Breastfeeding for Birth Professionals Course. I am honoured to be able to support Bowen families through their birth and postpartum experiences as a breastfeeding counsellor and facilitator of the baby connections program.

Johanne V.  |  Early Learning & Care Coordinator, Maple Room

I am originally from Quebec, and have been on the West Coast 20 years. I have a wonderful child, and I love being a Mom. I have been working and playing at Bowen Children’s Centre since 2007. One of my favorite parts of my job is playing outside with the children–a day without outside play is a waste of a day in my book!


Kotoyo U. |  Early Learning & Care Coordinator, Maple Room

I am from Japan and initially came to Canada for a working holiday. I spent a summer on Prince Edward Island and moved to Victoria. When I came to know Bowen Island and started living here, I immediately fell in love with this beautiful island. I am grateful to find BCC and have the opportunity to be a part of this team.

I am qualified in ECE in Japan and ECEA in Canada. I had a wonderful experience at the daycare I graduated from and still have strong connections with teachers and friends from there. That was one of the reasons I was interested in working with children, and while working there form time to time, I was encouraged to obtain the ECE certificate.

I like being close to nature and have enjoyed my daily commute through the trail and meadow. I look forward to exploring and experiencing more of this island with the children of BCC and getting to know the island in a deeper way.

Louise E.  |  Music Teacher

Louise was born with a guitar in her hands, a beautiful singing voice and love in her heart. Her musical background dates back to 1968 and her work with children to 1966. So with over 40 years experience in both careers, teaching music to young children seems like a no brainer and, yes, no one does it better!


Mandy D. |  Early Learning & Care Coordinator, Maple Room

Working and learning with children has been a life long passion of mine. When I was 12 my first job was at the Gator Pit (a children's play place) where I had the 'luxury' of dressing up as the alligator for children's birthday parties! I grew up on the North Shore and after finishing high school I took a few years off to back pack through Australia, South East Asia, and Europe to find what excites me in life. In Australia I volunteered at an indigenous school where I learned so much and formed deep connections to the children and their history. Though out everywhere that I traveled my love for the outdoors deepened and I returned home to complete a diploma in Tourism and Outdoor Recreation. I loved being and working outside but was missing working with Children. So in 2017 I began my journey to achieve my bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education. In 2020 I graduated with honours and attained both my Infant Toddler certificate and Inclusive Practices certificate. Now my love for being outside, and working with children has merged as an educator at BCC who is frequently exploring outdoors with children. My pedagogical curiosities are situated within West Coast Pedagogies, Common Worlds, and Art as a Social Practice.

Maria H.  |  Early Learning & Care Coordinator, Cedar Room

I grew up on Bowen and was lucky enough to have Ann as my preschool teacher. It is a wonderful full circle of life that brought me back to Bowen and to BCC as an Early Childhood Educator. I am married to my preschool best friend so suffice it to say I believe in these years as foundational years in life!
My love of the outdoors led me to pursue a BSc. in Earth Sciences and Oceanography, a career in geophysics and as a Professional Geoscientist. After many years of remote work around BC, Alberta and the north I was ready for a change. I got my ECE Diploma and Infant Toddler certificate in 2021 and while it may seem like a big career shift, I think my scientific mind and background pair so well with the exploration of children and their curiosity. I am always eager to learn new things, explore the world and wonder. I love to be outside exploring no matter the weather. I love to laugh, get messy in the mud and share a cuddle. Learning alongside children brings me joy every day.


Mihee P. |  Early Learning & Care Coordinator, Maple Room

I immigrated to Canada in 2022 and settled down in Bowen Island.
I was very fascinated by the beautiful nature of Bowen Island.
Before coming to Canada, I studied a major in social welfare at a university in South Korea.
After I became Rian's mom, I gained a passion for studying Early Childhood Education.
Luckily, I transferred my Korean ECE certificate to a Canadian license.
I truly enjoy working with children and love to continue my experience in ECE.

Sherri L.  |  Early Learning & Care Coordinator, Saplings Room

I have called Bowen home since I was young. I was so lucky to grow up in such a safe and enriching community. Bowen has grown alot since then but still remains the same great place, and I have been fortunate to bring up my own girls here. They both went to daycare and preschool years ago at the Children’s Centre and I never really left! I enjoy working with the children and the wonderful staff here, which together make for a fun and educational atmosphere!


Shima F. |  Early Learning & Care Coordinator, All Rooms

I'm Shima, and I'm delighted to be a part of the dedicated team here at BCC. Originally from Tehran, Iran, I moved to Canada with my wonderful family – my husband and two children. With a deep commitment to early childhood education, I've earned ECEA certificate in BC, also, Autism Practical Training Institute and the Ministry of Education and Childcare in BC, Canada. My educational journey also includes a Master's in Administrative Business Management (MBA) from Tehran, Iran, and a Bachelor's in Physics.

Having been an Early Childhood Educator in Knowledge and Language City (KLC) Daycare,
I have a wealth of experience developing age-appropriate learning materials and providing individualized instruction. My passion for education extends to my previous role as a Math and Physics Tutor in Tehran, where I cultivated a caring and encouraging environment for students.

Now, as a proud member of the BCC team, I find immense joy in contributing to the positive impact on children's future lives. Beyond my professional life, I enjoy riding bike and walking in the nature in my free time. I look forward to being a part of your child's amazing journey here at Bcc, where learning is not just a process but a delightful experience!


Toni L.  |  ASC Coordinator and Supported Child Development, Maple Room

I grew up in the South Okanagan and have lived on Bowen for 29 years and my husband and I have raised our 3 kids here, now aged mid 20's.
I have volunteered in many capacities at Bowen Island Community School since 2005 and have been and continue to be a TA/Supervision Aid since 2011. From 2018-2023 I worked for Bowen Recreation's Playcare program playing with the 1-4 yr olds. I've also been working with the After School Club since 2018. There is never a dull moment with all of these age groups, and I love making connections with all of them, playing and exploring whatever comes along. I get to be part of those "aha!" moments when they learn something new. I continue to take courses and workshops in child development to increase my own knowledge and skills and look forward to starting a certificate course as an Early Childhood Education assistant.

2023 – 2024 BCC Board


Bertine Stelzer | Board Chair

Originally from Berlin, Germany, my now husband was the reason I relocated to Vancouver in 2011. Since summer 2018 we have been calling beautiful Bowen Island our home. Our sons Leander and Janosch were born here and we are extremely happy and appreciative that both of them are able to enjoy and thrive in the fantastic care and environment of BCC and its programs. It's a privilege and honour for me to support the Board of BCC and I look forward to learning and contributing to the vital work BCC is delivering to Bowen Island families.

My professional background is in sustainability economics and management and I am working as a Program Manager in Conservation and Energy Management at BC Hydro.


Louis-Vincent Berube Dufour

Originally from Québec, my partner, Anne Marie, and I moved to British Columbia in 2013.  After two years in Vancouver, we discovered Bowen Island on a day trip and knew it was where we wanted to settle down. Bowen is the perfect mix of everything we liked about all the places we have lived and visited before: peaceful, dynamic, family focus environment surrounded by majestic forests, mountains, and sea. It is in 2015 that we finally moved on the rock. We had our first daughter, Samuelle, in April 2017, one week after BCC received confirmation of its funding for the infant-toddler wing construction. Fourteen months later, Samuelle joined the first Sapling cohort followed two years later by her little sister, Léonnie.

I work as Silviculture Professional Forester and am always excited to share my forest and management knowledge and passion with others. I have been involved in different boards for the last 20 years. I feel fortunate to now be part of the BCC and hope to give back to the community that has been and still is so generous to my family and me.

Janina Elliott

I am originally from Southern Germany and came to Canada in early 2006 to pursue a Ph.D. in Geology at UBC. Within the first few months of having landed in beautiful British Columbia I met my husband who introduced me to his wonderful island home on our first date. From that moment on I had fallen both for Frazer and Bowen.Being an avid lover of nature and having grown up in a small, family embracing community myself (my Dad was on the board of my Kindergarten), I couldn't imagine a better place to raise our family. Just like Frazer so many years ago, our son Kellan has the great fortune to attend the BCC; thus, I am thrilled to lend a helping hand in creating a rich & nurturing learning environment for all the children entrusted to the fantastic team here.

In my professional life, I work as a Geologist and am actively involved in mineral exploration worldwide as well as the development of 3D geological modelling software. Needless to say, I am a huge fan of rocks & fossils and happy to drop anything to talk about gems & dinosaurs at any time.


Sheresse Lanyon

Being raised in Saskatchewan then living/working abroad; first in Bermuda and then Amsterdam, The Netherlands for 12 years has been a real learning adventure. Our first girl, Zeffea, was born in Amsterdam and then we moved back to Canada in 2020. We had our second girl, Fenja in North Vancouver. We landed on Bowen in 2021 and am so grateful for this island, its community and being able to raise our two girls here with the BCC helping build their foundation.

It’s a real honour to be a part of and support the Board of the BCC. What a privilege it is to be a part of the programs that help Bowen families care for and build a strong foundation for our children’s development.

I am a Supply Chain Management professional focused on working with fashion and footwear brands to reduce their environmental impact through more sustainable packaging, streamline delivery and handling.


Elyse Managh

Originally from South Western Ontario, I moved out to British Columbia in 2007 for University. Somewhere between travelling abroad & finishing a Computer Science degree, I met my husband. We’ve moved around to different communities in southern BC, continuing our professional development and building a true partnership. After our first born, we decided to grow a business together. This introduced us to Bowen Island - through serving its community, we fell in love. We feel so grateful to call the Island home since 2023.

We have 2 wonderfully loving and charismatic children who are always up for adventure, excited to explore every part of the Island. I am so very thankful for the supportive, engaging and enriching environment provided by the staff, families and community of BCC.

My professional background is in application development and cloud-based solution implementation for small businesses. I appreciate the opportunity to serve on the board and look forward to contributing to the inspiring foundational programs and services made accessible to all families on the Island.

David McCullum

BCC is vitally important to the children, families, and community of Bowen Island. Emily Erickson McCullum and I have been involved with the Centre since the old days when everything happened in the United Church hall. Our entire family helped with the construction and finishing of the current building, and have long been committed to the Centre’s mission and values.

I am happy to help support this vital community resource.


Courtney McLachlan

Being raised in Lions Bay, I grew up familiar with the advantages of being from a small town where a whole community contributes to the wellbeing of families and especially the children. When the opportunity presented itself for my husband and I to move to Bowen in 2019 with our newborn baby girl, we jumped at the chance! We have since grown our family by another daughter and our decision to live here is affirmed constantly through the meaningful connections we have made in such a short time. BCC has been no small part of that. We are deeply grateful that our two daughters continue to be enriched by such a positive and loving daycare experience.

In my professional life, I am a labour and employment lawyer who supports community social service providers across BC. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Board and support the mission to engage children through creativity and fun!


Maureen Witney

I have long believed that the Bowen Children’s Centre is the heart of families here on Bowen. My daughter was in the first preschool class that Ann Silberman taught in Collins’ Hall in 1991. I have been a supporter ever since and loved being part of the dynamic volunteer crew that came together to build the present Children’s Centre.

I have been on Caring Circle Board for 6 years, Chair for the past 4 years, and greatly appreciate the synergy between BCC and CC to make Bowen a stimulating and safe place for our children.