02 Jan

Call for fundraising volunteers!

BCC is hosting three fundraisers in the coming months, and we're looking for parent volunteers who would like to help out. If you're interested, please contact our fundraising coordinators, Alida Edwards at alidaedwards12@gmail.com or Dalal Al-Abdulrazzak at dabdulrazzak@gmail.com, to sign up.

Wild Child

The annual Wild Child party is happening on Saturday, February 23. This year's theme will be Mardi Gras! Volunteers will will receive one free ticket to the event. We’re looking for the following volunteers:
  • Decorations: 1 person
  • Set up/take down the following day: 4 people
  • Run games: 1 person
  • Communications/advertising: 1 person
  • Most urgently, we will need one or two people in early January to go around the Eagle Cliff/ Scarborough area near the Legion and collect signatures for our noise variance as per the Municipality's request. Ideally someone that lives in the area or has familiarity would be great.

Online Auction

In hopes of finding the perfect Mother’s Day‘s gift, the Online Auction will be happening shortly before Mother’s Day in May. We’re looking for the following volunteers:
  • Item creation/Facebook posting: 3-4 people
  • Donation collectors: 4 people
  • Item distribution/packaging: 2 people
  • Communications: 1 person


This year's 50/50 fundraiser will be starting in June and running through the summer. The winner will be announced at Bowfest. We’re looking for the following volunteers:
  • Communications: 1 person
  • People to pick up and replenish tickets at the Bowen sites: 2 people
  • People to sell tickets at the General Store on a Saturday/Sunday: 4 people

Do you have a donation?

If you would like to hunt down donations or would like to donate to either our “night out downtown” (hotel accommodations and dinner) grand prize for our Wild Child party, or Online Auction items, please let Alida or Dalal know; or if you personally would like to donate something (either skills you have or something from your business) this can be done in lieu of your volunteer hours. The total would need to be $250, as this amount would be in the form of a check if you are unable to volunteer this school year at BCC. We are open to a variety of donations anywhere from here on Bowen, in town or something unique. We look forward in hearing from you and thank you to those parents who have already stepped up to volunteer!
09 Jul

Infant Toddler Wing Opening on July 16th

Bowen Children's Centre (BCC) is anticipating opening the new Infant Toddler (IT) Wing on July 16th!

Our thanks to our fabulous contractor Iain Mitchell for his relentless attention to detail while involving the children and always, always being mindful of the BCC staff and families. Thank you Iain to you and your family for the long hours and hard work and for giving Bowen Island an IT Centre to be proud of.

Our funders, including the Ministry of Children and Family Development ($67,414.70); BI Community Foundation for our initial grant ($10,000), matching grant and funding ($100,000);

Ledcore ($25,000); Mr. and Mrs. Dong ($10,000) and you Bowen Island ($57,000).

The IT Wing is truly a Bowen owned phenomena and BCC looks forward to serving our community of families from birth to three years of age for many, many years to come.

With sincere gratitude and hoping you will join us for an opening party on July 21st from 10 am to noon,

The Board and staff of Bowen Children's Centre.

28 Jun

Our Board is Recruiting!

The BCC Board we will have 3 vacancies for the forthcoming term 2018-2019. We welcome members from a broad range of backgrounds. In particular, we would love to hear from those with a fundraising or marketing background. If you are interested in joining our executive team, please contact Ann 604-947-9628 or info@bowenchildrenscentre.ca    
30 May

Deadline Extended For Matching Campaign


Dear Friends and Families of BCC,
We are pleased to announce that our donor has kindly offered to continue matching any contribution you make to BCC’s Infant/Toddler Wing until June 8.  We have already raised $27,500 - please help us to reach our goal of $50,000!
This means that until June 8, your gift to BCC will double in value. $100 will become $200, $250 will become $500, and $5,000 will become an amazing $10,000 gift.
If you believe in investing in Bowen Island's future and would like to contribute to an invaluable service to young families in the community, there is no better time than now.  You can make your donation by e-transfer to accounting@bowenchildrenscentre.ca, by cheque to "BCC", or by clicking on the Paypal button below.  Please reference your donation "Infant Toddler Campaign".  Bowen Children's Centre is a registered charity and a tax receipt will be issued for all donations above $20.
Check out our Campaign Video to learn how hard it has become in recent years to access affordable and high quality childcare.
Thank you in advance for supporting BCC and the families we serve. Your generosity will make a lasting contribution towards meeting the crucial need for childcare in our community.
Ann Silberman - Executive Director
Registered Charity # 141051672RR0001
Bowen Children’s Centre (BCC), as we know it today, was built during the latter part of the 1990s, thanks to a start-up grant from the Government and the collective efforts of the community by way of cash donations, materials, expertise, services and muscle!  Since then, the centre has grown in size and strength, providing high quality preschool and daycare programs for 2-5 year olds, as well as after-school care for elementary school aged children.  BCC is also a resource hub for families with young children, and the home of Family Place, where children and families meet, play, learn and grow together.  None of this would have been possible without the generosity of our community.
In recent years, BCC has identified a shortage of childcare on Bowen Island for children under the age of 3 years.  Yet Bowen Island reportedly has the highest number of children per capita than any other community of Canada.  In recognition of the urgent need to bridge this gap, BCC is building an additional wing to provide licensed childcare for infants and toddlers under the age of 3 years.