30 May

Deadline Extended For Matching Campaign


Dear Friends and Families of BCC,
We are pleased to announce that our donor has kindly offered to continue matching any contribution you make to BCC’s Infant/Toddler Wing until June 8.  We have already raised $27,500 - please help us to reach our goal of $50,000!
This means that until June 8, your gift to BCC will double in value. $100 will become $200, $250 will become $500, and $5,000 will become an amazing $10,000 gift.
If you believe in investing in Bowen Island's future and would like to contribute to an invaluable service to young families in the community, there is no better time than now.  You can make your donation by e-transfer to accounting@bowenchildrenscentre.ca, by cheque to "BCC", or by clicking on the Paypal button below.  Please reference your donation "Infant Toddler Campaign".  Bowen Children's Centre is a registered charity and a tax receipt will be issued for all donations above $20.
Check out our Campaign Video to learn how hard it has become in recent years to access affordable and high quality childcare.
Thank you in advance for supporting BCC and the families we serve. Your generosity will make a lasting contribution towards meeting the crucial need for childcare in our community.
Ann Silberman - Executive Director
Registered Charity # 141051672RR0001
Bowen Children’s Centre (BCC), as we know it today, was built during the latter part of the 1990s, thanks to a start-up grant from the Government and the collective efforts of the community by way of cash donations, materials, expertise, services and muscle!  Since then, the centre has grown in size and strength, providing high quality preschool and daycare programs for 2-5 year olds, as well as after-school care for elementary school aged children.  BCC is also a resource hub for families with young children, and the home of Family Place, where children and families meet, play, learn and grow together.  None of this would have been possible without the generosity of our community.
In recent years, BCC has identified a shortage of childcare on Bowen Island for children under the age of 3 years.  Yet Bowen Island reportedly has the highest number of children per capita than any other community of Canada.  In recognition of the urgent need to bridge this gap, BCC is building an additional wing to provide licensed childcare for infants and toddlers under the age of 3 years. 
10 May

Support BCC by Shopping at Stong’s!

Parents and supporters of BCC can have their groceries delivered to their doors on-island and help support our work at the same time, thanks to an innovative giving program initiated by Stong’s Markets.
Stong’s, one of BCC’s community partners, will deliver groceries to Bowen Island addresses every Thursday, and parents can nominate to have 4% of the value of their bill donated to BCC by Stong’s as part of their corporate giving program. The cost to you as their customer remains the same.
To support this program, simply place your order online, then nominate BCC for the rebate program during the checkout process at  www.stongs.com.
Thank you so much for your support!
10 May

Inquiry Based Learning and the Role of the Adult

Article written by Melina Toliusis (Preschool Co-ordinator)  

Rethinking the process…

I always felt good about providing the right answers to my students questions. It gave me a sense of great pride to be able to teach great things right there and then. It took a little while for me to understand that my answers were not as important as the questions and wonders that the children have, and that by presenting the children with an answer right away, I was quickly putting an end to a greater learning moment. The wondering was over, the urge to know more was not longer there and that was it.

Open ended conversations…

When talking about art in the early years of development, people say the process is more important than the product. The learning actually happens while the child is working, mixing colours or trying different types of paper, tape or glue. This same idea applies to any other type of learning. If a child asks you, “Why does this flower smell nice?”, you can reply “What do you think? “or, “I wonder why?” When using open ended questions like these, you are allowing young children to continue wondering by engaging their brain in thought processing and exploration, leading to the development of the child's thinking, problem solving skills and much more. When adults find provoking questions that  invite the brain to work harder, a beautiful relationship forms in which the adult and the child become partners in research and the inquiry based approach works at its best. The adult does not provide the answers, but helps with the creation of them by carefully listening, honouring and understanding the way the child thinks. This allows the child to take ownership of his/her learning experience  by making it more meaningful. In addition to being a good listener, the adult also provides resources and materials to keep the interest alive and the learning evolving. Some of these materials can be as simple as a photograph, or a reference book. Others might take a little more time and effort like a walk to the park or a visit to an art gallery or science centre. As long as the interest is alive in a child's mind and wonder is present, there will always be room for improvement and time for more learning.